Jasper Morrison

Jasper MorrisonJasper Morrison - born 1959.

Englishman Jasper Morrison had his breakthrough in the beginning of the 1980s with experimental furniture. Morrison has since made a name for himself as a minimalistic furniture and product designer.

With a great wealth of ideas, he finds new ways of creating simple, practical and useful designs.. His works may be described as humble with a high degree of originality. He is partial to materials such as fiberglass, textiles and aluminum, which ensure light and inexpensive manufacturing.

Jasper Morrison has received a number of awards for his design. He is recognized for a series of door handles and the new Hannover tram system, which Morrison designed for the exhibition EXPO i 2000. The tram is today considered among his most important works.




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Limited Edition

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By Lassen

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 Wing chair m. fodskammel

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Hans J. Wegner

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